Blamo! Comics
Our Vision
Blamo Comics is here to bring back what comic books used to have and some new ideas to what comics mean to all fans in the world.
Here is the Blamo! Comics Characters Page. Here you can find out stats about characters, what comics to find them in, and of course, their names.

Name                                  Stats                    Comics they're in                    Powers

                                                5'8                      The Unlimiteds                       Super Speed
                                                180 Lbs                                                                Super Strength 

                                                  6'2                        The Mirage                             Hypnosis
                                                 210 Lbs


                                          6'5                       Ferocity/The Unlimiteds              Super Strength
                                          232 Lbs                                                                          Super Speed

                                        5'8"                      The Unlimiteds                                Super strength
                                       160 lbs                                                                             Invincibility

Dusk                      5'8                      The Unlimiteds                       Mental Powers
                                                                                                         Enhanced Sences

The Superstar       5'8                       Super Star                              Super Strength               
                                210 Lbs               
                                                    Sonic screem                                                               
 Old Fashioned Morals, Old Fashioned Prices