Old Fashioned Morals, Old Fashioned Prices
Blamo Comics is here to bring back what comic books used to have and some new ideas to what comics mean to all fans in the world.Blamo! comics started in 2008.  It was originally called J.J.R comics, and was called that until 2009. It was founded by Josh Workman, Justin Roberts, and Ryan Martin. It was changed to Blamo! when Jesse Shira and Josh Foster
The Blamo Story

        This company started as JJR comics and publishing a few years ago. In 2009 the company's name switched to Blamo! Comics. The current Blamo exectutives are...

 1. Joshua Workman - JJR & Blamo Co creator, Artist
Joshua Foster - Blamo Co creator,Editor, Co Head Writer
Jesse Shira - Blamo Co creator, Advertising, Co Head Writer
Justin Roberts- JJR Co creator, JJR web designer
Ryan Martin- JJR Co creator, Writer
Blamo! Comics